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I just never will. If an OC and a Canon Character happen to fall in love then so be it. The only problem is when a person bends a character’s personality and makes them fall in love or makes them extremely out of character, but hell, that happens a lot in Canon/Canon too when it comes to fandom. It’s not automatically terrible or even bad if an OC is paired up with a Canon Character, if that’s how the story’s played out according to the roleplayer(s)/writer then let it be. It’s their love story, it’s no one else’s to judge just because someone has their Original with someone from a show/book/etc.

And besides, there’s one important thing everyone seems to overlook when they bash OC/Canon. In the end, no matter what, they’re all characters. And characters are all equal, one is not higher than the other because they have a show, movie or book. And a character shouldn’t have to be “deserving” of the canon character, that’s just not how love works.”


This actually makes me really happy, I was really sad the past few days because I was working hard on a OC/Canon story. And I started to see that people really hated those stories so I was gonna give up on it. But now I’m not, knowing that there are atleast 8,553 people that don’t mind OC/Canon ship stories.

((The person who made this deserves a trophy…))

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